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By AaronBurns
You can buy kits to match your genitalia (Male or Female) then send that molded part into a company to form fit the condoms that perfectly match your sex organ or genitalia. This way you can have better relations and safer sex. More sensitivity and greater pleasure. Less chance of disease and preganancy from acidental misuse. It does proper condom usage for you. It wont fall off or stretch or break. You could order in bulk with discreet home delivery.

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By barnold999
Forgot the site, but they exist for males...

It isnt completely custom, but you measure oyur *beep* width and girth, and you get a condom based on that, there a total of like 50 different sizes I think.
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By AaronBurns
Non-form fitted condoms, like the ones you are talking about, are tube shaped which allows them to shift and move and possibly slip or fall off.
When it is the shape of your private parts then they have a tip, a shaft, veins, and all other defects including bends. They will not ever fall off or leak out the top.
You have to mold your personal parts in order to get a perfect match which provides the best possible protection.
Also, if you don't use a common condom without proper instruction through the entire process then you are not protected. You actually have to use special methods with common tube shaped condoms in order to get protection for both the male and female through out the sex act for disease and pregnancy protection.
My form fitted condom is still better than choosing from fifty sizes because it's not only the size that is involved here.
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By Steve
Just like buying a suit from the shelf and choosing from 50 sizes, versus having it tailor-made.
By jacobpatrick
aaron i think this is one of the most creative idea.
this is actualy perfect for a domain name me and a friend own and didn't realy know what to do with.

i would definately subscribe to this because im a strong believer in safe sex but hate condoms.
By salamnder
plaster of paris, latex and a long set of directions. make a mold and make your own. Could be a fun partner event as well.

Come one come all, make your custom condom
By Rishi
The group I work for makes more than 1.5 Billion condoms a year. It is a complex computer controlled process that ensures a safe condom that conforms to applicable biocompatibility standards. It is certainly not a D-I-Y process.

However if some one cancome up with a spray-on formulation (Flavoured, Perfumed, etc.) then there could be a winner. A suitable carrier solvent can be used and the product is definitely form fitting. Another spray can remove the condom after use.

Some research may be needed to prevent shrivelling, or, shrinking of the object due to the cold of the spray.

By myst1q
Are you kidding? Who has the patience and time to spraying?
By cheshiredog
Guys, I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you recovering from a lobotomy? What do you mean "Just like buying a suit"? Condoms can stretch to over 10 times their normal size... certainly nothing like a suit. There are already three sizes of condoms I've seen (regular, large, small), and up to 50 sizes according to another poster. If they don't fit you, you're doing something wrong... it's not for lack of the vein features being molded in, and no guarantee of "safe sex". sigh.

sorry. cranky here.
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By FlatTop808
That sounds like a good idea, but just making a mold isn't going to help. The condom needs to be a bit smaller than your johnson to get a snug fit. If you make it the same size, you won't have the friction needed to keep it in place. Now you have to figure out how to make a 90% copy of your willie.
If anybody wants to tackle this issue, there are a bunch of places that sell stuff to cast "little elvis." This is the first one that popped up on Google.
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By Steve

Just had to delete a couple of posts in here - guys (or girls for the matter) please remember that this isn't an adult site, so while it's definitely an interesting topic, please keep your private details for yourselves.

Ceshirebot, lobotomy or not, my brain still works will enough to realize that between your constructive remarks you're being outright rude. I would appreciate if you'd omit that part from future posts, it's only provoking other posters and sending any good thread down the drain. ;-)

By the way, the 50 sizes were referring to suits, not to condoms (I wouldn't think that they're available in that many sizes :-) ).
By mavenguru
Conventional condoms are latex or some other synthetic material. Current technology involves using a porceline mould and dipping it into a vat with repeated layers very much simular to making a latex glove. Current testing and reliability features are set up for this process and have some significant success in reducing disease and preganancy. The issue is simply one of getting a casting of your member in its active state and then using simple CAD CAM technology building a mould for the mould and then casting the mould. The CAD/CAM program could reduce the size where needed to provide the best fit and form. The mould could be cast using conventional technology. By simply adding an engraved bar code into the latex mould one could identify the correct condom for the order. For none dipped condoms, (other materials) moulds could be made to order in a simulare manner.
By GadgetmanKen
Can't beieve I clicked on the createamate link, now I will probably get more spam. Dooh!

The CAD/CAM program could reduce the size where needed to provide the best fit and form.

If it can reduce it, why can't it enlarge it as well. The more the better. My wife would love me to be the size of her ex. errrrgh
Did like the floppies tho.
By GentleSpiritGuy
If your having the problem that it's falling off.....You might as well give up on sex! You ain't gonna please anyone anyway! LOL :~(

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