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By MysticalGemini
I just think that they have sugar cubes so why not invent milk cubes too. Extremely portable and dissolve quickly into whatever liquid substance that needs milk. Hot or cold.
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By Michael D. Grissom
How would this be better than powdered milk that is already available in small paper packets for things like coffee creamer? These can be purchased in most grocery stores.
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By Steve
Ok, but sugar is available in small paper packets AND in cubes. Isn't that discriminating? :-?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hi Steve!

I haven't seen sugar cubes here in over 10 years. Are they still using them over there? I'm guessing they probably stopped using them over here because they are too easy to contaminate.
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By Steve
Guess so - over here, we're a little oldfashioned (and tougher, too :-D ). You can buy them in the supermarket, and probably also get them in most of the laid-back coffe places (remember we have this traditional "Kaffeehaus" culture).

While typing this, it came to my mind that sugar cubes and milk cubes might get mixed up too easily. This could be solved though by using brown sugar cubes (yep, we have those too! :-] ).
By Rishi
As MDG says the problem is one of contamination. Sugar in any form is a stable substance. Milk is not, being biological. However, Nestle did introduce a kind of candy that was essentially cylinders consisting of milk powder and sugar with added flavour in the Indian market. No diet conscious person would buy it. Since most Indians are not, it did sell for a while. Weighing in at 115 pounds, I enjoyed them with a clean conscience!

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By Steve
I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but as far as I know, quite a number of coffee whiteners don't even contain milk these days. And even if they do, you could store the cubes in the same packages/jars that you store regular milk powder in. Lastly, since milk powder is on top of the relief list whenever there's famine or a catastrophe somewhere in the world, I'd assume that it's actually pretty durable anyway. :-?
By Rishi
You are right about milk being at the top of the relief list. I also have reliable info that a whole lot of milk intended for the tsunami victims in India became unfit for use due to poor hackaging/storage/delivery. It is sad that the help sent by concerned from across the globe can go to waste at the delivery end.

By sneezyalex
Packets of milk powder would be much more easy.
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By Michael D. Grissom
And WHY didn't they send powdered milk and distilled water instead??? I'm always curious about stuff like this. :~(
By sneezyalex
They did if they could. Powdered milk lasted very long and when they could send the powdered kind they did. Regular milk does not last very long.
By Rishi
The problem is not technical. I have seen powder milk send from US as aid ending up in stores on sale at rock bottom prices. Quite a lot of it ended as milk sweets on the menu of many restaurents.
The issue is corruption at various levels in the distribution system.

By sneezyalex
I seen clips of people just grabbing food out of helicopters. There is no problem giving food to people. The problems are helicopters can't get everywhere.
By riley454
In Australia we have pre-packaged milk portions, much the same as sugar portions. We can also buy long-life milk, so what are you guys missing?
By enotetograce
Internet says they make milk cubes in Japan but so far that's all I can get on that subject.
Here in America; the land of instant, go greener, melting pot, ease of use, anything for profit...someone should've already marketed it!
Wally World carries sugar cubes, 1 box=$1.50...awesome.
I drink hot tea. I use sugar cubes. Less waste, perfect measure, no paper packaging...just my cubes in a Ziploc bag.
Tea bags in another Ziploc bag.
Now if I just had milk cubes in a Ziploc bag right there would be simpler. No mix, no measure, no waste, no paper, no tea cooling, no refrigeration...just hot tea, sans bother.
Simple solution to annoying situation.
I'd market it in a tea set...100 cubes of each...maybe in a nice tin...

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