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By Bertus
What about meeting the rising global meat demands, with producing insect meat? There are insects that are easy (and cheap) to grow and nutritious as well. I know that the idea of eating them is not attracting to most people in the western world, but a good marketing campaign can do a lot. Surely we are eating snails, sea fruit and hamburgers (of which we just can speculate what is in them) too. So why not eat bugs?

Reward: The fun of eating a macbug and see people forget that a few years before they detested everything crawling.
By Sidekra2
Maybe in a hundred years or so.
By sneezyalex
They do. There are actually some companies who sell bugs but they sell so little the usally go broke.
Posibbly in a hundred years or so when people realise how nutricious bugs are.
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By Steve
They are nutricious, but not very tasty. :-P
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By Michael D. Grissom
hmmmmmm... genetically engineer scorpions to the size of lobsters and what would be the difference??? mmmmmmmmmm :-P
By MaryfromMatawan
Actually, you already do eat bugs! Some yogurts particularly have "Carmine" or "Carminic Acid" listed in the ingredients. Look it up. And don't scream!
By sneezyalex
Lots of people eat bugs in africa and places like that. It is very nutrecious and often their only food. ;-D
By Rishi
The toal amount of insect protein from an acre of cultivated land is much more than the protein from the crop grown. National Geogaphic channel carried a piece showing various insects sold routinely in Mexico(?). I am told that they have a nutty flavour.

As a vegetarian this does not have much personal bearing to me. But as a third world citizen seeing starving children all around with kwashiorkor (protein malnurition), I feel that all ideas to increase low cost protein supply certainly have to be vigorously promoted.

By sneezyalex
Intresting! ;-D
By Nocturne
doesn't sound 2 appetizing....but a healthy alternative to Big Mac ;-D

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