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By AaronBurns
Why not have that extra special tattoo with something of more worth? If you're going to add something permanent to your most sacred possession such as your body then why not make it as special as possible. With just a slight change to the ink involved in tattooing you can add that extra something. By using a radio-isotope or gold, silver, platinum metallic flake or diamond dust your tattoo becomes permanent jewelery. You now have a glow-in-the-dark and/or reflective jewelery tattoo worth hundreds more than just colors. Imagine showing it off! Everywhere you go, clubs, friend's houses, parties, people will want to see your unique tattoo. You will be the most popular person there. So, if you can spend that extra money on your sacrid body, then it would definitely be worth it. Especially if it's going to last a life time!

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By wicked_witch
i am interested in getting u know of a tattoo studio in LA that has this? (glow-in-the-dark/ reflective ink) thanks!
By sneezyalex
I hate tattoo's! }:-) :-[ :-P
By LoveyDoll55
you have to be careful when you get the tattoos with glow in the dark and uv or black light inks, because a lot of people are allergic to these inks and you can't really find out until you get the tattoo.
So make sure you get all of the info before you use these ink types. :-?
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By cynet
Great for those who want to MOON people at night.

MOM! I just saw two moons.
And they were jiggling. 8-o 8-o
By randa
sorry pal but thats already invented

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