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By AaronBurns
If you have dogs then you know they chase away or attack cats, squirels, or if you have cats you know they eat rats and mice. What if a fence had small access holes to let out the smaller animals getting attacked while keeping the dogs or cats in?
Then your neighbors cats and squirels and rats and mice could escape and your animals would not be put down for eating another family's pet or get worms and die from rats and mice. What you need is a solid wood (Or other materials) fence that is too high for your cat or dog to jump and has smaller access holes to let out the smaller creatures where your cats and dogs can not fallow at the bottom. That keeps everyone happy. Just put lots of holes very close together all along the bottom of the fencing. Now what do we do about bird feeders?
They are usually called cat feeders! Ha!

Reward: A new fence.

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