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By samuel
About 2 months ago, I post a project idea about an external sunscreen. We have work on it and shows it in a high school science fair. We test it under sunlight (~ 30C). The one with internal suncreen make an internal temp of 44C. The one with our invention was only 35C.
Actually, the screen can be very thin since air can flow between the car and the screen (air itself is a very good insulator of heat). As it is very thin ,the size of it can be very small after folding up and can be stored in the rear compartment.
Our project had not get any prize in the science fair. However, our team members still think it is very useful. Especially in some tropical region. It can reduce the use of HFC in air-cond.
Hope everyone can take more consideration to our environment. ;-D ;-D
By book_fanatic
That sounds like a really good idea for the enviroment, you should've got an award at the science fair.
By Solens_van
Congratulations for making it true.
However, isn't it a bit too easy to steal it if it's external?
By samuel
We can fix some ribbons on the sunscreen and put the other end inside the car before closing the door. We find that it is not easy to remove it until the doors are open again. Besides, it can resist moderate wind speed.
We estimate the cost of such a screen of about US $10 which is not a big temptation to thieves.

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