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By Anderson Mar
How about a car that runs on urine?

Does anyone realize how economical this would be? We wouldn't have to buy so much oil from the Middle East, and men could make themselves even more useful by filling the tank :-)

Reward: Canonization as the Patron Saint of Practicality
By mtbelanger
have fun
By sandlizzard
Two thoughs on this:

Don't quit your day job.

Instead of searching the Middle East for oil you simply stand outside a bar on a Saturday night with a five gallon can.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Just GREAT!,.. now I'm going to be up all night designing a big silicone blob that looks like a rock but mutates according to the mood of your voice. ;-D
By parksdn
You know'd probably help out with all the bad women drivers.
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By skeletor

The link is broken
By book_fanatic
How would the car propel forward if if ran on urine, could you please explain or were you just joking.
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By skeletor
maybe if you urinate real hard trough a turbine or something :-?
By Rishi
skeletor wrote:maybe if you urinate real hard trough a turbine or something :-?

The maximum bladder pressure is about 1/15th of an atmosphere. Assuming a volume of about 300 ml and an evacuation time of about 10 secs, the power generated will be less than a watt. Considering the energy losses in a turbine, it may be better to design a pedal powered car than a uroturbine car.


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