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By lickinluvva
I think they should make a hat with liquid in it that you can freeze, and then in summer when its really really hot you can have a nice cold head. There could also be other items of clothing with this idea............

Reward: To be literally cool
By Guest
cool idea 8-o %-6 :,-( :-B :*) :-# :-C :-{ :-o }:-) :-[ :-/ B-) :-b :-] ;-D :-) ;-7 O:-) !+) :-P ;-) :-D :~( :-X
By AaronAgassi
A pith helmet or Kangol filled with the same gel or brine as ice packs, kept in the freezer on it's own little hat rack.
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By Steve
How about a hat you can fill with hot water to keep you warm in winter?
By AaronAgassi
Rather than a hot water bottle hat, better some sort of microwave safe fiber filled hat, hood or scarf. Gloves, too...
By duh
and in the winter they should make a hat with fire in it!!!!
By AaronAgassi
No, a carrot mask...
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By magicat
You could have hats filled with rice, or split peas, or feed corn. Then you could just put it in the microwave or freezer(depending on the temperatures outside). It would work better because ice could give you a brain freeze and fire could make you bald. :-D

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