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By eddie george
This idea is very similar to that of keyless entry into your vehicle except that you have to be the person seated in the drivers seat and a electronic arm similar to that of a headset for a mobile phone is lowered from above the drivers head that he or she has to breath into or the vehicle will not start. If driver is over pre-programmed limit which will be the same as for their districts the vehicle will remain immobilised! This ones for the non drunk responsible drivers of the road.

Reward: To help stop the drunk before the drunk stops me... or you!
By MissPlayful
It's a great idea, but it has already been widely implemented. Eg do a Google search for alcohol + ignition + test. Here is one snippet.

"The concept of preventing alcohol-impaired individuals from driving originated in the late 1960s, but it was not until 1986 when the State of California passed the first bill to allow for a pilot alcohol ignition interlock trial that these programs began to evolve. Since then alcohol interlock programs have become an effective drink drive countermeasure demonstrating reductions in recidivism by 37 to 90 per cent (Beirness, 2001). Currently, there are in excess of 35,000 devices currently in use throughout North America"
By sivaprakasam_3
hi i have done this is a project on PRICOL Coimbatore india on 2003[/b]

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