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By Jon Banham
Have you ever had the trouble of getting it all together to send someone a note or a thank you card? E-Mail is the answer, but if they are not connected, it takes ages to organise the card, stamp, pen, etc., and then it has to be posted.

I propose an organisation that will take care of all this. They would be contacted via e-mail, and they would send the hard copy for you. Any personal messages could be cut and pasted into a card or onto a letter heading. The only problems are with advertising the service and method of payment.

Reward: "Recognition" Ha Ha!
By will
basically, hallmark online lol. it sure would save time
By AaronAgassi
With inkjet printers and Paypal, the Post Office could clean up!
By tgieddie84
I thought for a long time after I taught myself some HTML about what to make a website about. One of my thoughts was to have people visit, and request a card or simple thank you be mailed to someone.

Here was my ideas:
-Charge $1.00 per thank you note (via Paypal)
-Make it look really nice (creative stationery, nice print quality, fancy writing)
-Offer a list of message and allow customized ones too (maybe for 50 cents more or something)

Not a very difficult thing to do and a great idea! I may still do this. I'll post another reply if I do.

So in the end, I settled on I hope that when I'm done, this will ne a nice and FREE service. Thanks!
By pk2000
It has been done in Estonia. Now for a 2 or 3 years the federal postal service has a service called e+post. which does exactly that.
By pk2000
which doesn.'t mean you can't do it in other countries, thou...
By barnold999
Wow I like this idea, maybe I shall start it up. Though... I suck at getting to the post office, guess if I was making money I wouldnt suck at it. I hae an important letter waiting to be mailed (it is sunday, though, guess I could drop it in the mailbox and just wait for it to be picked up tommorow... it has been sistting here for a few days... which isnt long but it is important.

$1 per card seems cheap, though, for a nice card, what does everyone else think... standard cards at wal-mart (the cheapest) are still a few bucks.

If they are printed on an inkjet, though, look at overhead for price of design (royalties or designer) and then ink, paper, envelopes and stamps.

Though it seems great, because a lot of people send out xmas cards, and dont want to address everything and write custom notes for everyone especially for busy people.

But there is the bussiness aspect too. People write business leters, and want to make sure someone gets it in the mail (lots of people still dont like email)... so this will take care of the mailing. You set up an account w/ them so they can have your stationary on file and everything. Though if the company was from new york it may look weird for the letter to come from CA... though it can be from (or whatever) instead of the company, I dont know. But it seems like it may work well.

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