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By altair
:-B I envision a way to affect hurricanes. They get their energy from warm water. We can limit that energy, thereby starving the storm. A fleet of vessels converge on an area of ocean in the path of the storm. They have on board racks of large identically shaped insulated sheets. These sheets have quick lock/release sides. The vessels have trained on how to quickly set the sheets on the water and lock them together. The many vessels quickly lay out a square mile or more of these sheets. They then get out of the way of the storm. The storm passes over the insulated area. The sheet’s shape and other characteristics prevent the wind from destroying their effectiveness. The storm's strength is diminished and much devastation and death is avoided. The ships then collect the sheets, putting them back on their racks for the next storm. I hope my logic will give someone an idea on how to make this happen. :)

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