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By izam83
I'd like to know if anyone have done with commercial breast milk? If not, why not if we ferment the mammary cell that produce the milk in a fermenter and supply the right nutrient to the cell, so that the cell will keep growing and produce milk juz like natural breast milk, besides we can add flavour, colour and additional vitamins... we also can sell it as cake, bread, sweets or anything that not just suit for baby but for adult too... can u imagine? we can taste our mom milk again, and it's sell anywhere, any flavour...

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By Steve
If feasible, this is an excellent idea! ;-D The claim that cow milk is healthy for the human body is one of the biggest lies that TV commercials have tried to make us believe over that past decades - in fact it is the main source of many allergies, as well as skin and digestive problems. Creating a milk that's designed for the demands of the human organism is long overdue (as far as I know, sheep and horse milk would do much better, too, but why go for a compromise *if* it's possible to generate a real breast milk replacement).
By riley454
Many sportsman drink the milk from their wives who have newborms and believe they have increased energy, so maybe mommies milk can be bottled and sold in competition to 'sustagen' and other similar products!

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