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By Stewie123
Ever been caught looking for your house key, or maybe you just forgot it inside when you left the house. I came up with this idea, it would be a finger print scanner right on doorknob were the key hole is all you have to do is register you finger print on a microcomputer, and whenever you want to lock or unlock the door, you just put you finger on the scanner.

Reward: one free product
By virole
Good thought but some short comings. Prehaps instead of replacing the key it could be a secondary way to open your door like an either or type deal. IE if you leave your keys inside then you can use the thumbpad. The problem with handscan or fingerprint systems is cuts and scraps on your hand. I work as plant security for a chemical factory and we have hand scan turnstyles. Over 90% of the denied access is do to hand injuries. The other 10% are people doing bad things :) .
By Dingus
Great idea... its been out for a bit already though:

But dont feel bad...when MP3 players were all flash memory, i actually was at a tradeshow, walked up to the creative labs booth and said 'Man, someone should slap a laptop harddrive on there..32 meg flash is too small'

9 months later, Creative nomad came out... I prefer to believe they had the idea BEFORE I walked up and said something ;)


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