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By theman
hi, my name is daren golston. i was getting high one day and all of a suddon. something great came to me. the movie buisness has been remaking alot of movies. (the longets yard) i thought of a really good one. lets all get the ball rolling on the production of. HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL. it stars adam sandler, and chris rock. what do you think?
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By Keith
*sigh* // begin rant:

The main reason for "remakes" these days is because we (as a world) are suffering from 'The Generation of No Creativity'. (at least it seems that way) :-?

Constant remakes, lack of new ideas, knowledge stagnation, and seemingly re-hashing everything before it. (ie. Clothes, Music, Movies, Art, TV, etc) I think the only subject matter where people are still being inventive is FOOD. ;)

But I did notice something though, the up come youngsters are VERY creative... a lot of the 10-14 year olds I have met are extremely inventive, sharp, and tend to march to the beat of their own drummer.

Personally, I can't wait till they get older and change this world for the better. Just as the Pheonix, they shall rise from the ashes of this world and become something truely beautiful.

//end rant
By theman
what kind of ideas for movies do you have? would you make a movie where its a hour and a half two people talking? thats new and exciting.
it stars matt damon and ben stiller. its called "yawn".its a good thing to remake old movies. it gets the new generation to appreciate older classics.
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By Keith
But what about all the un-told stories?

Almost everyones lives on this planet is amazing... things that you just can't come up with and write.

True, our movies suck:
it stars matt damon and ben stiller. its called "yawn"
And THATS the reason people need to start looking at the world around them and create something new.

If I had to make a movie (which I studied Documentary Film Making in college) I would shoot for a story about my grandfathers life... A rough punk kid who grew up in Watts in Los Angeles... later graduating from College after being the undefeated boxing champion and then drafted into the Korean War, surviving only by his instinct in "The Iron Triangle" and receiving 3 bronz stars... and coming home from the war, starting a family and becoming the captain of the Anaheim fire department (dodging death and saving lives)... A story about an American Hero.

You see, thats not a rehash, or something based on something else... its true life. In fact, I think some of the greatest movies todate are based on true stories.

Or even Star Wars for example... George Lucas took Religions, Fairytails, and Sci-Fi and mixed them up into a great adventure space epic!

Yes my friend, it can be done!
Let people watch originals for what they were, making remakes is the easy way out. Its time that Hollywood stood up to the plate.

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