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By theman
The movie is called “ SpaceThousand”. It’s a comedy space movie. Done in the style of the old battlestar gallactica television series.

take all the credit. i dont care. i just want to watch it in the theaters.
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By Keith
Good, but brief... what are the characters names? Where is it set exactly?, what age/year/time does it take place?... what is the conflict? (if there is one) .... is their a goal or objective for the movie? or is it similar to Sienfeld (a movie about nothing) ;)
What type of characters will be in the film? (ie. The jerk, the dopey idiot, the hott sex-vixen, etc)

Lets get those creative juices flowin' :-D
By theman
a smart comedy. in the future. the year 3000. (i dont have a script) i just came up with the name and thought it would make a funny movie. but i do have a pretty cool movie idea, that i dont want to post here.

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