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By 'The One'
Imagine the ultimate computer/video game. It is known that the most intense virtual experience is virtual REALITY. Since they have already produced this idea, what would be the next step? By studying virtual entertainment for a long time now, I think I may have the answer. Virtual graphics are improving constantly as 'next-generation' consoles are brought onto the market. What should we do after virtual graphics and physics of movement in computer/video games are so detailed and so realistic that it is hard to improve them? Similar to my other idea, 'The Ultimate Form of Creativity', a machine could be created that has links to all of the nerves of the body or all of the nerves of the brain. The machine could place YOUR character (i.e. Your actual self) into the virtual world or allow you to make your character look exactly as they want, and move completely freely around the virtual world, very like in 'The Matrix', although the machine could be programmed so that you could feel things but not feel pain. It could all take place inside a spherical dome called 'EXSPHERIENCE' and could be linked to the 'Ultimate Creativity' machine which my other idea was about. Then the virtual world could be exactly as the user would want it to be. Things could be thought of by the user and, as long as they wanted it to, the thing could stay there for as long as the user wanted it to. I think that the 'machine' should be a sphere because the sphere is the most 'free' shape. It is 3D, it covers the most area space and volume compared with any other shape, it represents and symbolises a single particle, the atom, the world, the universe, the general round shape of the human brain, etc. It could all be in virtual reality, with the virtual world SURROUNDING you rather than just being a screen in a visor that's strapped to your head. The graphics and physics of this virtual reality would be significantly more special if they were just like the REAL world, not being polygons, but being actual spheres, the virtual world could be made up of spheres itself, like the REAL world is. People could create a machine which creates graphics with spheres instead of polygons. They could also make it so that it contains forces, the four physical forms (solid, liquid, gas and plasma), waves and rays, space and matter, which all works like in the real world. The virtual world could be made up of spherical particles which are the same as atoms and 'quarks'. Although they would need to make it so that EVERY type of atom and quark was included. They would have to do the same with the elements of the world. They would have to include EVERY type of element that exists. It would be like making an entire copy of the real world, but so that it was virtual, just like 'The Matrix'. (Maybe that's not such a good idea though, for many reasons, such as if someone managed to program the machine so that your 'virtual game' could be like a horror movie/game!) It would just take alot of time...but it should all be possible. I mean, people, throughout history, have created vast, incredible structures which we probably wouldn't even dream of making these days, like the 'Sagrada Famiglia' in Barcelona or the Cathedral of 'Duomo' in Florence and although they are nothing to do with virtual reality and are structures built with stone or some other ancient materials, I think people could create an idea like mine if they put their minds, time and effort into it. Yes, this is yet another 'mad scientist idea but I think that if people applied themselves, they could make something like this an unbelievably big step for technology.

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