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By AaronBurns
If you have a loved one dying you can have there hand and fingers (With prints) tattooed directly on your body (Especially by holding there hand; most special). This is done by first using no ink in a tattooed artists gun and puncturing an entire area (Hand, chest, leg, Etc.) then the loved one places his or her hand in a vat of tattoo ink and places it onto the punctured area. I would love to do this holding there hand before passing into the after life. This technique can be used at any time in any bodies life for what ever reason. Even when they might be permanently moving to another country or going off to fight a military battle when your not sure if you will ever see them again. You could have your entire family's hand prints all over your body!
The most special gift of a life time that lasts for ever!

Reward: To have all generations remebered this way!

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