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By sparky
what do u get if u use a t.v.,cd player,speakers,laptop+desktop+modem,printer,ipod or mp3player,dvd player,digital camera,camcorder,external harddrive.....yes a LOT of cables.we don't need the cables all at the same time and they are stored in a pile somewhere.
my DH is a gadgetfreak but we waste so much time trying to sort all the cables and to figure out what relates to which device and which function.after a lot hair tearing here's what came up.

using file-folder labels(2-3 dollars for a 154count,u get it in any stationery or superstores)they come in white and self sticking.jus write in the device name and function and stick around the cable neck.neat, does'nt tear easily and sticks fast too.

hope u find it useful too.thanks

Reward: a nice bag to hold all the cables:)

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