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By AaronBurns
We have all had our wallets or clothes go through the wash or in the rain and have all of our paper documents destroyed by water smearing the ink, completely destroying the entire paper to shreads or some other paper versus water desruction. Much like lacquers that are used to preserve art work we could find a flexible version that would not smear ink and would keep them safe from water damage. A simple spray and alteration to the common lacquers we could find the right lacquer type formula to protect all of our documents from liquids indefinitely. Any kind of saturating preservative that is water resistant and can fully protect even the thickest paper.

Reward: Some samples.
By Queth
IDEA. I thought I'd offer my support. This could really take off I think.

I'm not sure how you would do it though. I'm not a chemist.

I could point out though that I have used nail polish to make labels water repelant to some degree, but I know nail polish isn't flexable.

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