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By dilydaly
I work for this company and thes engines work they will help the enviorment cause their emmision free. they work on rare earth magnets its amazing.

i have seen the engines and we have major announcement coming out in the comeing weeks if anyone would like to know more information about this company or would like to invest in the public traded stock directly throught the company I welcome all emails
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By Keith
Well does this emmision free company want to donate some of their ideas and creations to the Creativity Pool? So that the intellectual community can take a look at them and possibly spread this good news around the world? ;-D

I'd love to see it. :)
By dilydaly

i cant share our secrets but you can read what we have but look over this news announcement more is coming with test results over unity and funding tc..

June 27, 2005


Orlando, Fla., June 27, 2005 /PRNewswire-First Call/--GMC Holding Corp (OTC Pink Sheets: GMCC) announced today results of internal testing and independent verification of the company's HIGH EFFICIENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE MOTOR-GENERATOR, based upon the Company's proprietary technology, coined REMAT ™ an acronym for RARE EARTH MAGNETIC AMPLIFICATION TECHNOLOGY™, a trademark also owned by GMC.

GMC is proud to unveil the latest embodiment of its REMAT ™ system, comprising a unique and highly efficient design, which can be viewed at GMC's REMAT ™ system web site . Tests have confirmed that the Company's design-team has brought THE EARTH'S ENERGY FULL CIRCLE .

The potential value of the Company's technological achievement is enormous. The REMAT ™ system can be built to any size and output range, with obvious applications wherever motors are used. More importantly, larger generators utilizing the Company's REMAT ™ system will be able to power individual homes, businesses, vehicles etc. REMAT™ will contribute much needed energy to power the grids of the United States and eventually the world at a cost and efficiency heretofore not seen. GMC's aim is to utilize the REMAT ™ system to minimize the world's reliance upon nuclear and fossil fuels for the production of energy.

The REMAT ™ system contains proprietary circuitry that captures a significant amount of back EMF (electro magnetic flux) that is produced during the motor's operation. By harnessing this otherwise wasted energy, the captured EMF is reintroduced back into the system thereby providing sufficient power to operate the motor. GMC believes this to be a novel application of proprietary circuitry that is a first in electric motor design.

The company has begun to expand its management team by selecting Mr. Bruce McKenzie as President. His professional background includes an invention of technologies currently used by all of the major Satellite TV companies. Mr. Richard Brace will continue as CEO. Mr. Dan York and Mr. Theodore Wojtowicz of Dallas are joining the Advisory Board. Their years of experience in the emerging alternative energy technologies field will assist in the Company's R & D. The Company's Advisory Board members have extensive experience in business, finance, electrical engineering, and chemistry. The Company will utilize the diverse talents of its unique team of members to bring its revolutionary REMAT ™ system into full production.
By Rishi
It appears to be another of those systemes, which contradict the first and second law of thermodynamics. This seems to violate the first law as energy is generated out of nothing. Greater than unity output is not on.

A GOOGLE search on REMAT with a restriction to perpetual motion produced 220 sites, which share this opinion.

I am certainly not a bigot. However, I just do not believe for a second in this.

By dilydaly
ive been told this from many but then they test the motors and their jaw hots the floor.

this is real my firend by gmcc is way in front of the others.
By Rishi
dilydaly wrote:ive been told this from many but then they test the motors and their jaw hots the floor.

this is real my firend by gmcc is way in front of the others.

It is quite possible that the Remat motor has a higher efficiency than others. However, it is not possible to get more out of a system than what is put in. If there is an apparent >1 output/input ratio, then the extra is being drawn from somewhere else. From the REMAT site it is unclear how this happens.

Wish you all the best for the Trillion Dollars.

By spannerintheworks
Well accordingly, the energy is coming from the earth magnetic field.

Hence no laws of physics are being broken as of yet. So no additional energy is generated from nothing.
By Rishi
spannerintheworks wrote:Well accordingly, the energy is coming from the earth magnetic field.

Hence no laws of physics are being broken as of yet. So no additional energy is generated from nothing.

It is not that simple. Earth's field is a weak field. It is also a fixed field in any specific location. A motor works by a rotating magnetic field.

In the example quoted the energy comes from within the system, which is where the contrdiction comes.

If one considers the analogy of the earth's gravitational field, energy can be got only by a weight coming down to a lower level. An analogous situation like this does not seem to exist here.

With all the energy crunch we all are having, why arent these motors flooding the market?

However, one cannot argue agaist facts. If the motors do show >100% efficiency in controlled trials, then one has to accept it. I may be arguing like the flat earth believers arguing against a spherical earth.

Even as he was apologising to the church for his heliocentric theory of the solar system, Galileo is supposed to have muttered, 'But the earth still goes round the sun'. So do I in this case.


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