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People intead of being afraid to fly would be afraid of "THE RING"...
By my.sable.hats
Imagine 3 gigantic steel rings surrounding the globe, spining in low speed at low orbits, their weigth beeing held by tension and the scape forces. Well, this rings would move around the globe, their velocity and rotation being constantly ajusted by solar powered engines and having a predictable route. So one just neede to know how much time to wait at eache ring and in some time the person would be all the way across the globe. Transporting between the rings would not be a problem. Zeppelins or even ropes and cables being launched could do the trick.
Rings in more high altitudes could spin at greater speeds and travel faster and some sincronisation could be possible so that the person doesnt fell so many jerks...
Please feel free to constribute to matlab simulations or calculations ( maybe someone to tell me there isn't enougth steel in the world or that it could not withstand so much force, that sort of thing). I think detailed analisis of why it does not owrk is in order here. please get back to me on this. ciao
I had made a paint picture of what I mean, but I would have to have a web site to put it in to link it here... If anyone wants it, send me a mail[/img]
By 'The One'
I think people would be afraid of the idea at first but it sounds like a wicked idea which could actually work. Keep thinking mate! ;-D

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