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By MooMoo
How about you have a section in your forums to report on any ideas that have been on this site that have actually become a reality. I'm sure some of us would like to know how things like that turn out. At least I would like to know how it turns out. And maybe if it's up for sale already you could tell us where to buy it if possible. That would be cool. :-D
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By Steve

Thanks for your suggestions!

1. I'm currently trying to get a few affiliations running with inventor's websites, but it doesn't seem that easy ("Ideas that are FREE? Yuck...") Right now, the forum threads will do for reporting on results. Once I receive major success stories, I'll certainly add a new section to the Creativity Pool.

2. If I know that something already exists, I'll move it to the Dejavu Basin and add a link where it can be found/seen/bought.

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