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By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
So after Stig returned from Iceland, he thought it would be kind of cool to put up one of those big maps with pins in all the places he had been (he traveled via Panama City and Osaka). Unfortunately, Stig doesn't have any free wall space.

After we argued for a bit about whether he should take down his ancient Def Leppard poster, we agreed that being able to do this on a computer would save a lot of space. There are plenty of map programs, but are there any that allow you to insert virtual pins?

Reward: Full credit for the idea, a copy of the software, and some new socks.
By Jim10
Stig's brother: This is a perfectly wonderful problem! Of course, there may already be a solution out there in cyberland. I haven't searched yet. I can already envision a software solution...were you could take to refine and reveal a target map of your choice. Then activate and overlay the software...define the pins by color or shape or symbol: Last years stops and proposed stops or visits for this year. So first to input types of pins, then input pin locations. When you're done, a legend would appear listing pin descriptions with visual examples. Then just save it til the next time. This would have other appplications (other than personal travel) law enforcement: a body location with a particular m.o. defined by pin type; or marketing, real estate, etc. The possibilities are endless.
By Jim10
This virtual pin thing has got me wondering if there isn't a phsyical (non-computer) that one can instantly create more wall space or have the ability to display more items than wall space permits. I'm sure there are solutions to this already...but how about new solutions. I may post this problem as a new topic.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Glue the map to cardboard and affix it to the ceiling. AND,.. if you like to travel haphazardly like me, you can use darts to figure out where you want to go next.
By cwp61
cntrlv wrote:http://www.

it's not what your describing, but it seems like a good model for a final product. Of course you would need to add more detail (cities, towns) and an option to add digital photos would be nice to.

Here's another guestmap (from

These things are pretty cool... and they seem to be popular, too!
By DirkDB
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