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By Manic1
The concept is a computerized car stereo that has internet access. This way you could sit at your home (or work) computer and download songs directly to your car stereo. Also you would be able group songs into 'packets' so you would be able to push one button on the stereo and play one 'packet' similar to the presets for radio stations. For example - packet one is your ten favorite driving songs, packet two is is your wifes favorite ten songs, packet three is your girlfriends favorite ten songs, ect. You could configure these on your computer and send them to your car whether it's parked in your driveway or across the country. Also a feature of the car stereo would be to record a show or group of songs off of the radio to listen to later either in the car or back at the house.

Reward: I want one... or actually two for both of my cars.
By Manic1
Yeah - I could do that with an IPOD but only if I have the car sitting in my driveway. What I want is remote access via the internet so I can hear shows and songs that were downloaded. This way my friend can record his band playing in another state and send a copy to my car for me to listen to while I am driving and I can pause it while I stop or send it to my home computer. I just want internet access in my car.
By Manic1
Since many of the new cars already have some type of access - IE; GPS, Northstar ect - it shouldn't be such a big leap to have remote access to a computer in your car. All you would need is for the car to have WIFI capability and maybe 2 or 3 gig of memory. And a display panel like they have for GPS. You could even have it intergrated with the GPS so that annoying voice telling you 'Right turn in 1/2 mile' would interrupt your package of somgs or recorded radio show.
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