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By Jim10
For the Guy or Gal that has everything: A device that works like an automatic dish washer but washes tools instead of dishes: eg: wrenches, drivers, socket sets, pliers; although possibly smaller than a dishwasher. You load it into recepticles that are designed for washes using industrial strength sudsless soap, then dries completely to prevent rust formation. For the garage or workshop. A bigger one even has applications in the auto repair industry or any shop that uses tools...just plop them in at the end of a shift...a larger one may have individual, removable for each worker. What a time saver! Jim.
By virole
I work on a few of my babies on the weekend and i have an old range dishwasher that i have hooked up in my garage. I just but GOJO degreaser in the dishwashing deregent pocket. Works great on the pots and pans hot dry setting :)... Good luck
By C-Chamberlain
I am not a mechanic but I like to play one at home sometimes. Woudln't ultra-clean tools soon become ultra rusty tools? That fine (or not so fine... maybe thick) laver of oil/grease keeps those tools from rusting. New tools don't get rusty quickly, but the old reliables sure would in their wear spots if yougot them too clean. Now if you could add a final spray of oil to the washer's final step, then you would get the dirt, grime and goo off your wrenches and have clean, oil protected tools that you can be pround of.
I'd buy one when/if I get rich.

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