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By mr.jingles5
this idea pop's up in my head ones in awhile and i liked the sound of it...

the idea is a pair of glasses that you wear over your eyes, in the center there is a very small magnify glass that goes over the center of your pupil. so when you look forward you see magnified and you see normal in your peripheral.

maybe magnify contacts would be nice to with the same idea as the glasses.

if you want to think of a future update to this i was thinking it would glide along axis's and on the magnify glass would have two antennas on either side that folow your pupil around so everywhere you look its magnified in the center and normal in your peripheral vision. just a funny idea haha thanks for reading both my ideas.
By mathew
Dear friends,

I just finished buit a small VB program to copy a file from
one location to another location, but the file is large and it takes
total of 2-3 minutes to complete.

So I wrote the code screen.MousePointer = vbHourGlass to change cursor
shape but it seem like the hour glass cursor acting only in VB editor
environment. So is there a way I can make the cursor change? Or maybe
lock user from doing something else until the update complete?


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