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By Jim10
How many times have you been out shopping, walking around, even hiking and wanted a little rest...or how about those times when you find yourself in a long line?...and gosh! chair. "Insta-chair" solves this problem: It is a collapsable metal framed, comfortable canvas lined chair that attaches with harness to either your back or butt. You just push a conveniently located magic actuator button or lever...and presto!, your very own "insta-chair" unfolds and sets up quickly behind you...anywhere you decide to sit! (monogrammed label available: "I'll sit anywhere I *beep* well please!) These will go fast... so put in your order now! ( size fits all...just about)
By Jim10
Yes, Flattop, it would look something like that only "insta-chair" would unfold and set up instantly.
Who is really going to walk around with a chair on their Butt?
By LauraLouzader
Fortunately, such a chair already exists, and I have seen a large number of them in use here in Chicago, mostly by the elderly and infirm. The chair is available at any medical appliance supplier, and doubles as a cane. It has a little round seat mounted on a tripod, with a back formed by the cane handle. When you get up to leave, it folds up into a very sturdy, broad-based cane, and is very light. I don't know the price, but I've wanted to purchase one, to carry on my sketching jaunts, for a long time. I hear they go for around $250.
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By CodeThumper
Rubermaid Makes them and the demensions are:

A757-C0 Folding Seat Cane
A comfortable seat when open, it becomes a sturdy support cane when closed.
Cane length: 35.5" (90.2cm)
Seat size: 8.5" diameter x 17"H (21.6cm x 43.2cm)
Weight capacity: 250 lbs.(113.4 kg)
Tip size: .75" (1.9cm)

The problem is that this doesn't strap to your waist and automatically deploy when you sit.

But an exelent product none the less.

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