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By Don Sinnard
I have lived in several concrete slab houses where the floors are always cold. I believe that a carpet manufacture could come up with an insulating carpet pad that would allow retrofitting of floor insulation into all these houses. The second part would be to come up with an electrically heated pad, much like an electric blanket to install in these types of houses. It would lie under the carpet, that would give it some protection from abrasion. The rest of the protection would come in the form of heavy wire insulation. It might be expensive to heat a whole house this way, but it would be good for small areas such as bathroom or living room. It could even be produced in a small portable throw rug type, waterproof of course, for use in a bath room.
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By Michael D. Grissom
This must be a duplicate post 'cause I've answered this one before.
By Mexjewel
Buy a used electric blanket which does not have room heat sensors in the body of the blanket (rather, in the controller). The wires won't be damaged by being walked on. Put it on the floor and cover with a blanket. Do this for all rooms or just the bare-foot rooms. :-]
By Sanjay Tuli
Using electric blankets to insulate or warm up the carpet floor is probably the easiest way of doing so. Although, some carpets are made of fabric that stays warm naturally. Some carpet exporters have a wide range of carpets with high quality fabrics and Elegant designs.
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