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By joshuamillertx
Maybe one of the movie companies like Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video could team up with a cable provider to offer movies on demand. Much like pay per view you could order movies from it. But instead of watching whatever was coming on that channel and at the time that they are playing it, you could type in the name of the movie you wanted to watch, pay for it, and have it delivered to your TV. This isn't that far fetched as they already have digital cable and TIVO. They would just have to have all of these movies on some type of network that could send a requested stream to a specific viewer. Maybe you could search by genre, etc. Would be interesting.

Reward: New Flat screen HDTV, to enhance my viewing pleasure! :)
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By cntrlv
I have a similar service from my cable company (Cablevision). The only problem is the selection is too small. I think they need more support from the movie studios, not rental companies.

link goes to their service description.
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