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By topper3
My idea is to make a garden tool that looks exactly like a lawn roller, with numerous spikes protruding from the roller to gather the leaves. This equipment would have a horizontal flat bar fixed across the roller frame to knock off the leaves {as the roller turned} into a collecting box or basket, which would also be secured to the framework. The basket should be easily removable to deposit the leaves in the usual place . All parts would be manufactured from plastic materials [pliable or firm] as required, to enable the roller to be easily pushed over all types of ground surfaces. If it should be possible to make and market such an item of garden equipment,it would be of great benefit to those of us who live in close proximity to trees.[Especially at this time of year].

Reward: To be able to purchase one.
By archion
just saw one at a thrift store like you described, so they are out there.
By lrcis2012
For the leaf roller to be most effective, build it in segments on a cam. so as each segment passed over the collector, the spikes would remain stationary while the segment slid forward , thus pushing the leaves off the spikes. The design works. We built one in 1992. Problem is spikes gripping the ground. Using wheels do not allow spikes to pick up enough leaves to justify the effort.

Leaf vacuum is best.
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