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By jeff storm
I am tired of using the scientific calculators in my classrooms and every time I use it for large equations, it says "syntax error" or gives me wrong answers. So I have come up with the idea of controlling a calculator by our voice. Prerecorded commands installed in the calculator helps us to calculate anything by just stating equation. The digits are split according to time and we would use a software called voxox to make it happen.. I have a slide of how it is gonna work.

Reward: I guess my idea would bring great satisfaction in time and answers for the users. "HAPPY CALCULATING"
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By Derk Jochems
Did you know that if you had Google Chrome installed, and download this voice search plugin here:
install it...

then use google's build in calculator like for example:
speak "one plus one" you will see the result page ( 1 + 1 = 2
speak "one ich to centimeters" and you get the result.

this works here perfectly!
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