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By Richard_Weighill
Blue ray is nice but lets face it, in a few years you'll have to replace them (again) with whatever "new" tech comes along. My idea is to purchase movies on memory cards and when you get them home you register them. If at some point in the future your card is lost or damaged it can be replaced with a new one by downloading it from the site at which it was registered. If it gets stolen you can go online and list it as stolen and when someone puts it in their computer the site will deactivate it.

Reward: I'd like a home unit to copy my current DVD collection to cards and perhaps to be able to register them as well.
By krylon
I have downloaded some free movies that came with my new galaxy tab but they are no my phone memory and my music how do I transfer them to my memory card I have just bought and put in the tab ? I have downloaded apro file manager app but still can't work it out !
Any help would be appreciated I have looked no the search engine

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