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By bobirino7
A team of MIT graduates has developed a hydraulic shock absorber that would generate about 1 kilowatt of electricity for every bump, when mounted on a truck. (Popular Mechanics May 2009)...Similar hydraulic shocks could be mounted on tilting metal plates at the beginning and end of highway exit ramps and other places. These shocks would be under and attached to the metal plates which would be at the same level as the highway. Vehicles using the highway exit would move these plates up and down,thus moving the shocks and generating electricity and also reducing vehicular vibrations at the same time. . The electricity generated by these shocks could be used to recharge batteries which, in turn, could power LED Street Lights, Traffic lights etc.
I think that my basic idea: that our superhighways should be considered as a source of
recycleable energy (physical, kinetic and possibly auditory), merits serious consideration. Anyone standing under a busy highway overpass would be aware of the untapped
energy from the passing traffic.
.........This is my second try at this. Does anyone respond to these postings?...BobC
The hydraulic electricity generating shock absorbers are a fact. They have already been invented by the team of MIT Graduates.
Thes shocks are designed to work on diesel trucks.
I suggested that there could be many other uses for these shocks to generate electricity. One example would be using these shocks on our highway exit ramps. Also you could use them on
automobiles, motor cycles, bikes etc.

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