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By mtd28student
This idea sort of falls under environment, but I bet more people would look at it here, so here she goes.

Busses travel in most cities for at least 15 hours of the day. During that time the bus may cover up to 300km. A filter placed on the roof of the bus would see a fair amount of air in one of those days. For example, if the dimensions of the filter were 2.5 x .5 meters then in the course of the day one bus could filter approximately 250,000 cubic meters of air. Filters could be washed and pellets made of the dirt collected. These pellets could be disposed of properly. This would make the cities a cleaner place. The governments could subsidies the bus companies and every one would be happy.

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By Steve
Very cool idea! I put it in the Environment category anyway. ;-)
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By Michael D. Grissom
For maximum effect position the filter behind the exaust. ;-D
By Rishi
There is no free lunch. The filter will have a drag, which will increase fuel consumption. The bus companies will have to be compensated for it. The idea is good though. Maybe it can be revised as a roadside fixed location filter based on solar hot air generator to provide a draft. The filters can even form the walls of bus shelters.

Downside is that they may look terrible!

By Daryl666
the issue is that the filter could never clean more crud out of the air effectivley than the ammount of additional pollutants used to offset the drag it produced on a bus. and the power required for stationary use would only be better than just having nothing if it were powered by renewable sources.
By DirtpatchSmacky
being onnly slightly better than nothing if stationary isnt completely correct. if they were large stationary filters placed on a tall building where the natural winds were more forcefull it could work. but you also have to look at cleaning methods, a filter of this type would have to be cleaned with water, i just dont know that the economic costs of the large amounts of water would be balanced out by the "cleaning" properties of the filters.
By DirtpatchSmacky
how about static panels attached to the sides of the bus,, no wind drag, and would collect dust by static charge.
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