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By vinstar7
I just remember my father being in the hospital very sick, and after being in the bed for so long and shifting... or not shifting he would end up moving down where his feet would almost be at the bottom of his bed. We had to call the nurse or nurses aid to pull him up in his bed since he was too sick and weak to push himself up in bed. Every time my dad went to the bathroom we had to get someone to help adjust him back in his bad. This was also the case for my husbands grandma when she was ill and my grandma recently when she had back surgery. I was thinking it would be great if there was a safe way to create a hospital bed with a slow moving conveyor belt. Basically the mattress would be made so it was in a loop, flexible yet comfortable, so it could wrap around the core part of the table/bed. It would also have to have a sensor so it would never throw the person off the bed once it pulled them back to the top for comfort or adjustment. It could also help the nurses or aids move the patients back in the bed when the person was weak. The button would be located with all the other bed adjustment buttons and would work very slow. It also might need a lock, in case someone should not be adjusted or keep someone from accidentally pushing it. I just think it would help patients/families feel a little more in control of their comfort without having to feel uncomfortable for two long while waiting for help.... not to mention it could hopefully free up time for the aids and nurses since they are already so under staffed in the hospitals today.

Reward: Just let me know if it's in the works and send me a link once it's on the market so I can see the results :) Thanks!
By dudieezper
I've search on the Google and found some slightly the same as the Conveyor belt hospital bed you are thinking. I've tried to see if it would be possible to have some like that, and it is a good thing that there might be some like that. You just need to search and find some information on where to find stocks. Actually, it is really a nice medical apparatus.
By thomspie85

If I might add that air mattress beds have similar benefits including comfortable accommodation
of pressure points and evenly distributed support. Higher end models even come with the benefit
of independent support adjustment such as sleep number models.
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