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By Donna Wendt
A Caller-ID that announced who is calling so you don't have to get up and check the caller ID to see if you want to get it or it's just another annoying salesperson. - You should be able to turn it off in case you don't care who is calling.

How about the name "Anounce-A-Call"?

Reward: One of these machines and a little credit for the idea.
By Andrew Adler
Several companies (AT&T, Classco, etc) have advertised this as a standalone/integrated device and if your computer is in conveniently located there are shareware programs that claim this functionality.
By Anton
Saw them in Russia in the early nineties.
By Paul
I saw exactly what you described on an english site( £30.
Its a stand alone unit that plugs into your phone. It's catalog number is: MV8350

By Rooks
It would be nice if it could stop your ring and replace it with the name of the caller. Then you could set it to to rings and it would state "John Doe is calling you". Cool Idea. Are you guys sure the other devices you write about in your responces are what this person is describing?


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