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By Jim10
This device would not only cut with precision but clamp down on the part of the stem or small branch to be discarded...and when the handle is released, the clamp would release the branch...falling into any trash barrel or bin. The clamping mechanism would operate adjacent to and parallel with the cutter...both functions accomplished by the manual compression of one handle. Advantage...saves either stooping to pick up discarded branches...or eliminates the use of one's other hand to retrieve the loped or cut-off section at the moment of cut-off. May be on the market already.
By MissPlayful
Good idea. When pruning at full stretch, or balanced on a ladder or chair, it is often not possible to use the other hand to hold the lopped-off section, which may fall onto delicate plants below, or into the neighbour’s back yard. The pruner would need to be designed so it works equally well if turned over, to take account of the fact that sometimes you are pruning branches coming from your right and sometimes from your left.
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By Michael D. Grissom
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From: ... roject1027

1027. Gripping Pruners and Harvesters

Cutting instruments for manual picking of delicate fruits, vegetables and flowers. Prototypes of manual tools completed. Strategic partners / investors sought.

The project focuses on the development of new types of instruments for cutting off delicate fruits, vegetables and flowers. Using these proprietary tools, which are based upon the biomechanics of the human hand, the growers will increase harvesting efficiency and reduce its costs by 35% to 50%. The company has developed adjustable gripping pruners, which prevent the flattening or squashing of stem ends. The pruners cut and strongly grip a wide range of stem diameters and are suitable for industrial harvesting and domestic gardening. The company has also developed electro-mechanical harvesters and pruners.
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