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By FunkyJoe
Ever had one hell of a good time in the toilet? Suddenly, you realize it's been too much fun enough to clog the toilet... Worry no more! a small stainless steel blade located in the drain activated with the touch of a button will shred poop enough for its disposal. Press, shred and flush, PRESTO! Poop away!

Reward: I think this would come in handy when visiting your future in laws during a long road trip eating junk stuff...
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By Michael D. Grissom
I hope you meant "press, flush, and shred" -- in that order. :-P
By lupus
I thought that the plunger was invented for this problem! :-D What could one eat to cause ones waste to need to be shredded as well?
If this is really an issue, I recommend you invent better food to consume first :-D
By nicknim
I think that what you're suggesting exists already - they're fairly common in France. They're called "Macerator Toilets" and were designed to allow a toilet to be connected up to a smaller than normal diameter sewage line. See for some examples.

I used one a few years ago (in France); the "flush" sounded like someone hosing down a chainsaw... not an experience I would wish on anyone. :-P
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