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By claykemper
Based on the idea of the "detachable faceplate" for car stereos, this bicycle frame lock about 2 1/2 inches long, is actually a small but critical part of the bike's frame. It has a 5-number combination lock. Without it securely fastened, the bike frame essentially has a "hole" in it and will collapse when someone sits on it.

Made of steel or titanium, this tubular lock is highly portable and can be taken anywhere. In combination with a strong, standard bike lock, it will thwart any thinking thief. What good is a bike with piece of the frame missing?
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By FlatTop808
Sounds like a good idea. The frame/lock combo would need to be unique to prevent someone from using a lock from another bike from stealing yours. Something like the locking lugnuts would probably work, where the lock has to match a pattern in the frame or else it won't fit.
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