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By solution36
D2PRO9... they always have support for this product, sometimes the quality has been shaky but atleast you know you aren't screwed while other teams haven't been tested on their support reliability when issues appear. They also created the original Wiikey the best updateable D2A/D2b chip out there which is still used even today.. Things only get better with the D2pro9.. so far I'm using it with no problems at all on a D2C.. flawless for me.
there are others
wasabi v2 (people got burned on dropped support with V1.. still not trusted)
Argon (garbage support, worst team out there)

then there's the clones of D2pro like D2Sun, Wiizard
these groups promise updates but who knows if they can deliver...
They could be another wasabi screwjob for all you know.

Nintendo has been known to push out updates and games that mess with modchips.. so support is very important for the next couple of years.

Anyone have ideas?

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