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By forasmith60
My most recent purchases:

Uncharted 2, Demon Souls.

From my own collection:
Uncharted 1 is good, 2, a little boring.
Gran Turismo 5 - if you like driving games, this is a must. Stunningly good.
Little Big - mostly underwhelmed.
Batman Arkham Asylum - so-so (bored me)
Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction (not bad, but a little too much running around back and forth toward the end)
Battlefield Bad Company (decent, cheap Wink )
Fallout3 (had for a month, then gave it back as didn't like it - my game store guy is cool about that kind of thing, as we buy lots of stuff from them - ps3,wii, psp's etc for us / clients)

If you like war games, COD Modern Warfare 2 has gotten rave reviews from everywhere.

I buy from Taobao, same day delivery, and cheaper than Play-Asia, especially if you go for older games - you can find the Platinum ones for 100-180 (depending on how good they are).

Right now I'm playing Demon Souls.
Have Uncharted 2, but it hasn't grabbed me and said finish me NOW!!! unlike the first one.

Suggest read for reviews, but go for the user reviews over the BS "professional reviews" on gamespot etc. As those are dependant more on advertiser $ than game being good or not.

Most of us PS3 gamers here swap with each other - we buy a few games, and swap out after we finish, then everyone has a chance.
There are also rental clubs here where you can rent the games for a month (or even a day).
Thats useful if you don't want to commit to a 400rmb title, but I usually can't be bothered.
Search my previous posts for details on those.

PS3 games can also be bought at the stores here. Usually stores will carry a small selection of the latest games.

Suggest you tell us what kind of games you like, then we can suggest.

eg -
shooting / war?

Musts: GT5, Drakes Fortune Uncharted 1, Assassins Creed (2 is out, get 1 and try)

Those should all be 150-200rmb new, 80-100rmb s/hand

Lastly - suggest setup a few PS3 accounts.
One for HK
One for US

The US PS3 store has much much more content available for free than the HK one. Eg, I bought Arkham Asylum, and the box says HK, and has a card saying free Joker downloadable content. Store - NADA. Register a US account, Store - lots of free downloads, including the one promised in the box...

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