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By libovita02
First you will need to download software capable of bypassing the copy protection built into Wii games. The guide at Copy Wii Games Guide recommends some software that works!
Install the software on your PC or Mac computer.
Simply insert the Wii disc you wish to copy (or specify the downloaded game file) and click copy. The program will unencode the protection in the Wii game.
Now that the game is copied, you need a way to play it WITHOUT installing a modchip.
Simply download and install the latest Wii Unlock Hack, found at the Wii Homebrew Unlock Hack Guide. This will allow you to play backup, copied, import, and retro games, plus DVD's, on your Nintendo Wii without a modchip! note: Will NOT work with version 4.2
That's all there is to it. Insert your copied / backup Wii games and play!
Insert the DVD you burned into the Wii and play.

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