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By kpbisker
Texting and talking on a cell phone has become a huge problem. A way to reduce accidents due to talking or texting on a cell phone while driving is to disarm the cell phone as soon as the car is started or put into gear. A device inserted into the vehicles computer system or another area of the vehicle would make this possible. This would be excellent for parents when having new drivers in the family. Keep in mind this device would only cause the cell phone to not have service when the vehicle is in gear and running. Complete service would be restored when the vehicle is in park and not running or if the vehicle is exited.

Reward: Some invent this!
By starrmccoy03
A better idea would be to invent an auto reply on your phone that you can turn on while you are driving. Like the the auto reply you have in your emails.You can say anything as a reply and you can check only the people you want it to reply to so you dont feel you are ignoring anyone and dont have the urge to answer your phone or text while driving. That would be a better Idea that most people would go for me included.

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