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I think that you can copy the game to the hdd on 360 and ps3. It doesn't copy the whole game just certain parts to help try and speed up load times. I think the 360 gives you the option to do it to any game the ps3 only does it for certain games. Mainly the exclusive games. You can tell if the ps3 has installed the game to your hdd when you 1st put in the game and it says something like saving content to hdd or something along those lines then you can check by going to game data utility not game save and it shows you all the games with content saved to your hdd. You can tell which ones are probably the games and not just updates for the games that have massive sizes like 1-2 gigs.

Unlike 360 ps3 games normally either have a mandatory install or don't have it at all. The only game I have come across that its optional is UT3
Anyone have ideas???

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