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By jan
With the increase in popularity of the mp3 players, someone should design a car stereo that instead of a cd player or cassette deck, should be a sort of docking station for the mp3 player. You would no longer need to burn them to cd to play in the car. Just insert your mp3 player in the in dash unit and listen.

Reward: First I would like one, but I am also into almost any new and innovative electronics or computing items.
By mtd28student

Here is an mp3 player that can dock into the a car cassette player. It can also be used as a portable mp3 player.

Another idea is to have a fm transmitter built into the player so that it can be picked up by the car's radio.
By jan
I was thinking though, something that holds more like the I pod, using MMC, SM, ect.. You are limited. I have an archos jukebox that is 20 gig, now thats the type I was thinking about.
By mcginn
kenwood has the "keg" wich holds a couple gigs.
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By swimmer
many modern cd players have (aux ) auxiliary line in . you can attach your mp3 player by the earphone jack . so the signals that are usually sent to the earphones are sent to the cd player and then they are amplified and emmitted by the car speakers .
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