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Youtube is a feature on the PS3 Web Browser with some other stuff. But anyways. Here's the issue. I go to youtube, and i click on a video, it shows the first 1st second of the video, and then it just suddenly dissapears out of thin air. THEN some stuff shows at the top saying: "Go Upgrade" in a blue font where the video is supposed to be.

I click on it. install new "Adobe Flash Player" or some sort, then it says my thing (PS3) can't download it. This is so BS! If it can play the first second normally, why can't it just play the *beep* entire video? So what's wrong? It's been like this for the past few days. It's definitely not my internet connection, as I would not be writing this if my internet was not working.

Although at the time my internet was having some connection issues when it first happened, but I doubt that would be the cause of YouTube not working on my ps3 up to this day.

Please help me here guys. I also see people who have asked the same question but say they have audio. I have no AUDIO whatsoever.

Anyone have any ideas?

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