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By luckycooky
Well i get annoyed A) for not having a shower in my house, then B) having to fill up the bath and wait around adjusting hot and cold to get a nice temperature. I would love a bath with a large button in one corner u could just press, and it will fill up to the exact (programmable) desired depth and heat and maybe add bubbles/foam as well.

Reward: installation of one of these baths wherever i live at the time would be nice
By MissPlayful
I like your suggestion for an automatic foam-maker for the bath, but I do suggest that anyone planning to invent such a device should consult Hollywood first. I will elucidate the reasons for this in a second. But first, why do we want foam in the bath? To cover up various parts of our anatomy of course, in case someone unexpectedly walks in. Like in those Hollywood films where Marilyn Monroe is lying back in her bath luxuriating in the hot water, her breasts only just covered by foam, and then in walks Rock Hudson, and they are talking away, and the audience is straining every eye muscle hoping that the foam will evaporate, and it never does. In fact Hollywood foam has proved to be extraordinarily reliable over several decades in protecting numerous famous actors and actresses from embarrassing overexposure in front of audiences of millions. Translucent but not transparent, resistant to the wilting effects of bright lights and staring eyes, and staying power - these are three of the attributes that make Hollywood foam second to none when it comes to covering up in the bath. There are probably even specialists in Hollywood who do nothing else every day but drape nude bodies of famous movie stars with foam for bathroom scenes.

So yes I am with you on this - let’s have a foam machine for our baths, whether it’s a new invention or an adaption of a deluxe Hollywood model. Then when we are taking a bath, and a friend, neighbour or houseguest wanders into the bathroom, instead of clutching our breasts in panic or whatever else we don’t want eyeballed, and rolling up like a porcupine or a spiny anteater, we’ll be cool, calm, and covered, and we’ll carry on a conversation as if it’s entirely routine for us to receive visitors while we’re in the bath.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Why not just lock the bathroom door?

I must admit, after reading MissPlayful's response, I'm amorously tempted to pile on the bubbles and leave the door unlocked but...

Why not just lock the bathroom door?

BTW,.. electronic water faucet temperature controls solved your problem many years ago (google search). Also, because you have a faucet, it's a simple job to convert (hose + hook + shower head) or install a shower attachment. I LOVE showers and installed one pulsating head at both ends so that I never need to turn around. It's almost heaven.
By Newgadget
You are going to love this! There is a device call Shower Alert, that not only displays your shower temperature but tells you when your shower is ready. In other words, it notifies you when the water temperature reaches your desired temperature. Even Star Trek never had it this good. I owned two units, and they’re worth every penny. My family and I fell in love with it on the very first day. Be careful, when you travel you’re really going to miss your Shower Alert. See it at
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