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By vikas N Patil
I wonder when i saw the streetlights glowing in the day also. If the street lights have sensors are adjustable & give light as required. This will save the power.

Means by sensing (using LDRs) the requirement of light they will maintain.
By mtd28student
almost all street lights use this technology presently. Usually every block of street lights will have one sensor, so the whole block will go on at once.
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By Michael D. Grissom
WELL,... after signing in, I posted a reply, then CP ask me to sign in again and immediately after, again, then a blank post to start over again. I'm just TOO tired to type it all again so,... nevermind.
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By Michael D. Grissom
OK..... I'll try again:

If your street lights are on during the day then you can bet that either the light sensor(s) is faulty or the manual operator is faulty.

For those of you that have street lights with sensors, have you ever noticed that sometimes, while driving up a hill, your headlights illuminate a street light on the other side of the hill just enough to make it think it's dawn and it switches off? I've noticed that this occurs more often in the Spring season and I have often wondered if that is because a pollen coating on the light sensors overhead shield reflects enough light from below to false the sensor.

It takes a lot more power to restart a light than it does to keep it on so,.. I’m thinking that there is a 5 cent invention here that would save the world millions every year.

Any suggestions?
By mtd28student
In response to Michaels comment. All it would take to prevent the lights going off during the night would be a little bit of clever circuitry. Some sort of buffer is needed to be placed between the light sensor and the relay that controls the lights. That combined with the relay having a refresh rate of a few minutes would almost completely prevent the chance of the lights going off at night.

As for making the device stay clean so there are no reflections, that is a different story. I am still thinking about that, if I think of anything I will post it.

I have heard stories before of meteorites turning street lights off during the night in a city.
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By Steve
Michael D. Grissom wrote:It takes a lot more power to restart a light than it does to keep it on so,.. I’m thinking that there is a 5 cent invention here that would save the world millions every year.

Maybe just put a small shield underneath so the light needs to come from above? :-?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Second thought: I wonder if using infrared sensors instead of the common white light sensors would allow the street lights to distinguish between the sun and a car.
By mmyler
i seem to cause street lights to go off---it happens to me on at least a weekly basis---has anyone ever heard of this before??
it has been happening to me for 20 years

By zyx Rationalist
if now we know that lights sensors are so bad then why not just do away with them

use timers instead . timers near the main power switch. ie one timer for miles of lights . and hey make them programable for different seasons.

u can try to program them remotely , if so on a daily basis specially for cloudy or sunny days.

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