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By cangirl313
If everyone wore name tags when they went out of their house, then maybe we would be more friendly to each other. Then there would be no reason not to say "hi Bob" when walking down the street. Or "hey Sara" how's it going, while you are in the elevator.

Reward: world peace
By dolphin10
Would really want people everywhere to know your name? What if some creep starts acting like he knows you example:

strange guy or girl:" hi (your name here) are we still on for tonight? " its easy to forget you have a name tag on. or this could be even worse for young kids ie

strange person2: "Tommy your mom sent me to pick you up" situations like ma ke your idea dangerous
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By Michael D. Grissom
Good points made against but, from personal experience, I've worn name tags almost all of my life while working and I really like the idea. When I forget to take my name tag off before entering a pub (for example) I soon catch-on when I notice a lot more than an average number of people saying "Hi Mike" instead of simply "Hello".

Three thumbs up ;-D ;-D ;-D for a friendlier world!
By tulrain
What's next...our address? Children at school won't even wear their student IDs. People would forget to wear them. Then there would be the people who have their very own stalker. Then there is the problem of kidnapping. If the new generations are so susceptible to such things, where is this world to turn to when what is known as "common sense" has faded away with the death of the previous generations.
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By Michael D. Grissom
cangirl313's original well written post referred to FIRST NAME only, NEVER mentioned CHILDREN, and NEVER said that wearing them should be MANDITORY. Why you would create additions to cangirl313's post and then complain about your own additions baffels me. Cangirl313 was suggesting something that would increase friendlyness in the world (A GOOD THING) and all responses so far were UNfriendly and negative. WHY did you do this?
By tulrain
She said if everybody wore nametags, and yet if we use "only" our first name it still leaves given problems. Hmmmm.... the use of "just" the first name for kidnapping. one does not need a last name. Like I say, the obvious must be stated. Should we all just be gullible and peaceful little sheep that all nibble at the grass and trim it the same length. When a wolf comes, mostlikely one's fate is to disappear from the group.
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By Michael D. Grissom
OH!!!... I see the problem here tulrain -- keyword "EVERYONE". You're a literal person and I'm not. I wouldn't have included children in the term "everyone" and you do. I think in terms like "WOMEN & CHILDREN". Literally you are more correct so,... I stand corrected. Thanks for answering my question "Why did you do that." Now I know.
By Maskone
how about name tags for your forehead? I hate to look down cuz then that tells the person u dont know their name and u only said it cuz u read it off their tag.
By Rishi
Any attempt to increase friendliness is good. Unfortunately we do live in a messy world in whichintentional unfriendliness exists.

Taking a cue from MDG, one can differentiate categories. However, sometimes it will be useul to keep track of people like children, Alzeimer cases, people with speech disorders etc.

Can we think of using Radio Frequency ID tags which can even be out of sight yet readable by non-contact sscanners. The technology is already in use to track even individual consumer goods cartons. Who knows it may help catch kidnappers too. The tags are cheap enough to be stitched into every dress of a kid.

As far as the friendly greeting part is concerned, really frindly people say Hi! with a warm smile. One can then always exchange names if you are reciprocating, or call each other names if otherwise.

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By Steve
Rishi wrote:Taking a cue from MDG...

That's a good one! Sounds like MGD, which I'm a big fan of, too. :-b

The radio frequency tags remind me of an idea I had the other day - selling T-shirts with hidden writing on them that can only be seen if you wear a certain type of contact lenses or glasses. This could be used for all kinds of purposes, secret brotherhoods, dating, virtually *any* kind of club and also for making your name visible to those who prefer a friendly and personal greeting. (Hope I'll remember to submit this one one of these days...)
By Rishi
Sort of like the "Ol' School Tie". Not at all bad. AFter all the test patterns for the colour blind are somewhat like that. Look at directly, and you see one picture. Look through a particular tinted filter and you see something very different. With the new comp printers that print on textiles anyone can take one of these test patterns and test it out on a T shirt.

I have seen some goggles, which have different tints as bands. One can generate some neat animation like tricks with your idea.

By DirtpatchSmacky
I have 2 sons, both in sports, weekly they come home with notes from the school reminding parents not to let the kids wear thier sporst jerseys when the kids are running about. why? my oldests sons fotball(american) jersey has his first name on the fron, last name on the back. this has been a tactic of child predetors for a long time, call a kid over by name, and tell him say, "oh your mom, asked me to come looking for you, wants me to bring you home".
Kids under a certain mentallity level, under no circumstances should be allowed to wear any item that divulges thier names. As far as adults go, good idea, nothing wrong with being congenial, and hey, if a woman at the local bar wants to use the fact that she knows my name to try to get me into her car,, what can i say, im gullible too!
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