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By cia2010
I was wondering why electric cars need recharging stations when cars can recharge while in motion. For example, while lithium-ion batteries give power to front wheels to pull the car, the rear wheels should move to recharge the second set of batteries. Can we make a continuous charge of one battery and discharge other? Also, if the car runs on battery, can we use wind to charge the second set of batteries or even solar panel installed on top of the roof to help recharging the second set of batteries. In my vision, electric car batteries would never need recharging as they can recharge themselves.

Reward: I would love to have a electric car.
By christopher
Charging time is limited by the capacity of the grid connection.The range of an electric car depends on the number and type of batteries used .Batteries must be periodically recharged and most commonly charge from the power grid.
By Lardbob
You would be taking power from the car's motion to power the car's motion... Any energy you take from the back wheels will decrease the car's speed. Effectively you would be draining the battery. Also, wind power would do the same (assuming you plan to fit a turbine to the car). All energy supplied by the turbine will have come from the cars motion, so from the battery. However, solar power is a good idea
By arh428
unfortunately, physics prevents this. All this would do is waste more energy in the form of heat by moving it around more.
By jackmartinn55
I love to drive different cars. It is my dream to drive an Electric car. An electric car is depend on battery. So battery needs to charge up. It is not possible to move front wheels pull the car, the rare wheel recharge the second set of batteries. It is possible to continues charge one battery still it is not full charge. Charge battery with solar panel is difficult. It is in your dream electric car battery never charge but now days technology it is not possible.
By prs1977
another thing about recharging a battery is an alternator in a gas powered car recharges the battery as it runs. why not put another one or two in and put small turbines in the wheels to make power while it rolls
By xxx200

its a great idea. it IS POSSIBLE. while first battery is discharged you can charge the second battery from solar or wind or any power other than the first battery.

great idea man.
By Eden
FYI to the doubters. They have had great success with this within the last 5 years.

They use then excess Kinectic energy from the motion of the wheels once the car comes to a stop or slows down enough (any red life, stop sign, yield, etc). Then magnets push charge into the battery from the continuous motion until they slowed enough, or the car continues to drive.

Wasted energy is no longer wasted. I believe his initial idea is similar to this, of coarse while respecting the laws of energy.

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